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Material on Marriage

(1) Articles

Contending for truth: sex and marriage. (Mark 10; Hebrews 13), David Holloway

In this short article David Holloway discusses the fundamental nature of men and women. He says that even though the life of the people of God may adapt to different cultural settings there are some basic things about men and women that are never adapted.

Redefining Marriage. The case for caution. Cambridge Paper (Sept 2012) - Julian Rivers

This paper explores the inadequacies of the Government's proposals on same-sex 'marriage' in a way which enables Christians to engage with people who do not acknowledge the authority of the Bible. He shows how the traditional understanding of marriage secures real equality for men and women, and promotes the welfare of children.

God, Christ and Gender. John Richardson, Dec 1st, 2012

In this blog posting we are reminded of what CS Lewis wrote on the significance of being created male and female, and then John himself explains the significance of key biblical texts which speak about gender in creation and salvation

(2) Talks

In praise of marriage. Peter Jensen

Downloads of three talks given on this subject, with three other mp3s on questions and answers.

(3) A message from Lisa Nolland to Reform members with suggestions for practical action relating to same sex 'marriage'.

Reform, as a grass roots movement, envisages action coming from members who have thought, studied, discussed and agreed. All these web resources are in keeping with the Reform Covenant but the individual contributors alone are responsible for the content.



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