Since 1993 Reform has existed as a network of individuals and churches bound together in fellowship to uphold, defend and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the original doctrines of the Church of England. Our aim is to encourage clergy and laity to steadfastly promote biblical ministry, to win the nation for Christ, to the Glory of God.

Reform is for everyone, lay or ordained, who assents to the Reform Covenant.

We would love to help you:

  • Keep informed – Reform members receive regular email updates and our tri-annual newsletter. They also have access to a wide range of resources on our website. 
  • Keep connected – Reform members encourage one another prayerfully, practically and pastorally. 
  • Keep going – Reform members help one another to pioneer, establish and secure healthy local Anglican churches.

If you would like to join online follow this link: online application

If you would prefer to print off an application form and send it by post, then follow this link: postal application