Reform collects a range of information about its members.

The data is not used to sell anything. Nor is the data passed on to any organisations other than according to the information below.

At the most simple level Reform holds a record of name, address, telephone number, email address, local church, and diocese.

Reform has an online directory for members only. If permission has been given then certain data is available to other members. (Name, diocese, email address)

Reform has also been involved in a ‘mapping’ project. This project also involves Church Society and the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE). For the purposes of helping to create a map of conservative evangelicals in England more detailed data is also stored and shared between Reform, Church Society and AMIE.

The ReNew conference is jointly organised by Reform, Church Society and AMiE. Data is shared with in line with the objectives of Reform.

GAFCON (The Global Anglican Futures Conference) is another significant partner with Reform and it may be helpful to share data with them occasionally. In the future other organisations may come in to existence which Reform would wish to share data with in line with the objectives of Reform.