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We are delighted to announce that the Church Society Council, the Reform Council, and the Trustees of the Fellowship of Word and Spirit have all agreed to pursue a merger. It is in the light of our shared Biblical, Reformed, Anglican faith and common goals that we have decided that the challenges of…

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Every Christian community will know that there are likely to be profound pastoral struggles in those who speak of themselves as transgender (which must not to be confused with the intersex condition). Furthermore every congregation ought to know that the gospel is for all, no matter what their backg…

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Reform Statement in response to Hereford' Diocesan Synod’s request for an Order of Prayer and Dedication after the registration of a civil partnership or a same sex marriage (20/10/17)

Reform note with deep concern the motion passed by the Hereford Diocesan Synod last night:
'That this Synod request…

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Reform welcomes the announcement that Revd Canon Andy Lines has been chosen by the GAFCON Primates to be a Missionary Bishop to Europe.

Revd Canon Lines has worked tirelessly for many years to offer biblically faithful pastoral ministry to members of Reform through his work at Crosslinks and with t…

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Whilst the consecration of Jonathan Pryke was neither initiated nor previously discussed by the Reform Council or Steering Group, we understand that the decision of REACH SA to consecrate him is a direct consequence of the confusion and disunity caused by those bishops in the Church of England who h…

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Lord, Open The King of England’s Eyes

On William Tyndale

3 April 2017

Peter Jensen writes about Willaim Tyndale as the ‘Shakespeare of Bible translators’ and emphaises how Tyndale believed that the words of the Bible are clear and true. For the full article click here.