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It is reported today that the Prime Minister David Cameron has compared the advance of the cause of gay marriage within the Conservative party to the same cause within the Church of England, saying that opponents of the redefinition of marriage within the church are "loc…

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Reform member, John Richardson, has set up an online petition to show support for clause 5 (1) c. He writes on his blog:

Petitioning is a bit of a bore really, and perhaps more so when it concerns theological propositions. If the gospel were to be decided by petition it would undoubtedly be wrong.

Abridged newsletter July 2012

Update on the events at General Synod amongst other things

20 July 2012

July abridged newsletter

There follows a guide to what has taken place over the last month at General Synod, amongst other things.

Rod Thomas writes:

What is being proposed on women bishops?

The draft Measure repeals the legislation introduced in 1993 which permitted the ordination of women and …

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Media Statement 09.7.12

A short statement following the adjournment of the debate on women bishops.

9 July 2012

Following today’s adjournment of the debate on women bishops, Rev’d Rod Thomas, chairman of Reform, said: "We stand ready to co-operate to find a solution if there is a genuine desire to see a permanent place secured within the Church of England for those who on theological grounds cannot accept wom…

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