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General Synod members at the Reform conference this week joined over 160 other Reform members in resolving to vote against the current draft measure on women bishops at the Synod’s watershed meeting in November.

Speaking at the conference Reform chairman, Rev’d Rod Thomas, a member of the General S…

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September 19, 2012

Rev’d Rod Thomas, Reform chairman, said today: "We are deeply disappointed that Clause 5 (1) c has been weakened to the point where any additional provision it may have offered for conservative evangelicals has been removed. We will consult and carefully consider our next step at…

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Reform National Conference for Action

September 25-26, 2012 High Leigh Conference Centre

11 September 2012

“for such a time as this”

Mordecai’s rousing challenge to Esther (Esther 4v14) to use her position of responsibility for the sake of the salvation of others but at great personal risk resounds for us today. How can we best use the positions God has given us to help meet the very real challenges of …

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Rod Thomas wrote to William Fittall, General Secretary of General Synod


Dear William,

In GS Misc 1033, you sought views on Clause 5(1)c of the draft Women Bishops Measure prior to the formulation of proposals for the September meeting of the…

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